What is a Keratin Treatment?

Keratin hair treatments, also known as Brazilian hair treatments, are semi-permanent, hair-smoothing, curl-softening professional treatments. Keratin treatments make hair straighter, shinier and healthier. The treatments are usually made up of conditioners and some keratin (a protein our hair is made of to add strength). Unlike some hair straightening treatments, Keratin treatments can be done on color-treated hair. These treatments work well on people  with wavy to tight curly hair (men get them too). If you are sick of fighting frizz, you will love the results from Keratin treatments — frizz will even be gone in humid or rainy weather.

How Long Do They Last?

The treatment typically lasts 3 months. Blow drying time will be cut down by about 40-60%. Hair will not be pin straight. Hair could either be blow-dried for a straight look or air dried for soft waves without the frizz.


What Does The Keratin Treatment Involve?

Hair is washed with a clarifying shampoo, blow dried, and the Keratin treatment is applied section by section. The treatment is then combed through the hair and blow dried a second time, sealing the treatment onto the hair strands using a flat iron. The entire process takes one to two hours depending on hair type and length.

Who’s The Best Candidate For A Keratin Treatment And Who Is Not ?

If you spend a lot of time blow drying and/or flat ironing your hair, have curls that you want to loosen, want to add shine to your hair, or get rid of the frizz, you are a good candidate. Keratin hair treatments work on a variety of hair textures including African American hair types and color-treated or previously chemically-treated types.